Terms and Conditions

This site belongs to the whole site and web portals which jointly form the UniTravel Srl network hereinafter defined as the UniTravel Network or simply Network.
UniTravel Srl, from hereinafter UniTravel, is the legal owner of the UniTravel Network. The company’s head office is based in Venice, Italy, Via Brunacci 9/b, P. IVA 03458490277, registered in REA. VE-310017.
UniTravel is also a registered travel agency, trading as UniTravel, in the province of Venice No. 59224 dated 11/9/03, IATA Code 382-69221.

The present document defines the conditions specified by UniTravel in order to use the network and to make reservations via the UniTravel system, from hereinafter “the system”, via all sites and web portals will jointly form part of UniTravel.

By navigating the sites of the network and utilizing the reservation services and proceeding to book properties provided by UniTravel, the User declares to have read, understood and accepted the conditions laid down by the present documents.

Conditions to use the site

1. Processing personal data and privacy policy

The User’s personal data shall be processed by UniTravel in compliance with Legislative Decree 196 of June 2003 (Personal data Protection Code), in relation to the guidelines written down in General Privacy which can be seen in all sites and web portals of the network.
UniTravel has notified in the Privacy their Italian Security Policy Document containing specifications adopted by UniTravel for the protection of personal data CUN Code: 0000-0285-6310-1466.
Furthermore UniTravel comply to the PCI DSS standard that defines the set of rules set by the PCI Council, the organization founded by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa Inc.. (https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org) responsible for defining security standards for account data protection and payments.

2. Security and links to third party sites

Security of information supplied by the User is of fundamental importance to UniTravel. To guarantee maximum security UniTravel uses an SSL encryption system which is used when reservation is made to prevent data from being lost, abused or altered when using services offered through the network.
Upon booking it is possible to view the UniTravel security certificate supplied by Twathe, one of the best and most competent security systems of data encryption over the Internet.
The UniTravel network sites may contain links to third party sites. Upon leaving the UniTravel network, the User must exercise extreme caution when asked for any personal data, and should check, in the third party sites, the data protection policy in a document like this one.

3. Copyright and commercial trademarks

The UniTravel trademark, websites and internet domains belonging to the UniTravel network are the sole property of UniTravel, including all data, information, communication, editorial, software, photos, videos, images, graphics, designs, logos, brands and all other material and current services, and where it is not diversely indicated, are the property of UniTravel S.r.l or of the suppliers of the reserved service, which must be considered covered by copyright laws and associated industrial law. It is, therefore extremely forbidden to reproduce, copy or use the trademarks, logos, sites, contents or anything connected with this site without explicit written authority by UniTravel to do so.
In particular UniTravel, Unitravel.com, UniTravel Affiliate Program, UniTravel Local, UniTravel Guides, UniTravel Agent Program, UniTravel Technology are all UniTravel registered trademarks. Other brands and trademarks of services and products mentioned in the sites of the network must be considered covered by the copyright of the respective titleholder. The images are supplied for the aim of viewing purposes and not to be saved or downloaded in any format.

4. Use of the Network

UniTravel grants the use of the network to allow the User to browse and to use the services offered by the sites and by the network and to make a reservation of these available services in case they meet his requirements.
The User then declares and guarantees that all information supplied through the site is true and that he will use the services in compliance with the rules terms and conditions laid down by the present document.
The User further undertakes to guarantee to UniTravel that the tourist reservation service made through the website will only be used for legal reservation, for himself or on behalf of someone who has given authorisation to do so.
The User accepts that by using the tourist reservation system through this site and written in the clauses specified in the terms and conditions found in this document will be observed, as well as those specific entries for single bookings, which are directly specified by the individual service supplier, including, but not exhaustive, the terms and conditions relating to the cancellation policy and penalties as well as the rules and regulations relating to the availability, rates, products or services.
In some cases the rates, the products and the services chosen can be subject to particular rules and restrictions. By using the site the User declares to be aware that any violation of the clauses of the present document and of the selling conditions provided by UniTravel and/or its suppliers will result in immediate cancellation of the service.

5. User limitation for personal use only and not for business purposes

Unless expressly authorized to do so, this site must be exclusively used for personal aims and not for business purposes. It is forbidden to modify, copy, distribute, forward, show, carry out, reproduce, publicize, sub-licence, create works from, cede, sell or resell the information, the software, the contents, products or services acquired from the site and to use them for commercial purposes.

In addition it is expressly forbidden to:

- access, monitor or copy any of the contents or information from this site by using robots, screen scraper systems or other automated systems or processes without the written consent of UniTravel S.r.l;
- violate any restrictions relating to the exclusion of robots in this site or to find ways to get round the system or other measures to prevent or limit access to this website;
- carry out operations that impose or could impose exclusive judgment towards UniTravel S.r.l, unreasonable or excessive through the technological platform/infrastructure;
- send undesired mail by using the automatic email address system found on the system;
- use the site for illegal means or against Italian law, international law or that of third party law.

6. The Software Interface

UniTravel holds the exclusive right to economic exploitation of the UniTravel software and all connected procedures. It is, therefore forbidden to reproduce, wholly, partly or in any form software procedures and web pages relating to the site, not forgetting the pages relative to the automatic message system which remains sole property.
UniTravel gives the Users permission to use the site, the network services as well as all procedures needed to navigate, the references and the use of the services offered on the site, for the purpose of viewing and using the site in conformity of the present conditions and not for other intentions. The User must not copy the programs supplied by UniTravel wholly, partly or in any form. The User may not cede, sell, sub-licence the programs to third parties, nor allow it to be used by third parties either gratuitously or for a fee, neither disclose the contents of the program to third parties, change them or incorporate them in other programs.
All the software, operating procedures included but not limited to, all HTML codes, Active X controls and all other script present on the website are the property of UniTravel, and/or the respective suppliers and are protected by copyright laws.
Unless authorised by law to do so, it is strictly forbidden and cause a breach in the current laws to use operations such as reverse engineering, or to take apart the software and change procedures on the site. Extreme measures will be taken should such matters occur.

7. Limitations of Responsibility

UniTravel is in no event liable for any event that is caused by the incorrect or untimely entry of data into the system by the Customer or the Users.
UniTravel is not liable for any interruptions and/or suspensions of the service due to Internet problems. UniTravel reserves the right to carry out periodical maintenance and updates to the system during which the functioning of the system might be interrupted for the time necessary for these operations to be completed. The User accepts that UniTravel may interrupt the functioning of its systems for the time required for these operations.
UniTravel will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage derived from third party use of the UniTravel network, or from the incorrect use of the UniTravel software, more generally the system.
UniTravel does not take responsibility for direct or indirect damages, claims or losses derived from the User, for the loss and/or wrongful use of the internet, nor take the responsibility for eventual interruptions and/or suspension of the dial up connection.
UniTravel cannot be held responsible should the system fail to work as a result of the lack of devices used to access the services and the site, which is seen to be out of UniTravel control, including but not limited to, the line connection or other server providers, computer malfunction and any other electronic devices, faulty installation of software to access the internet on the User’s part, as well as other users or people who are accessing the site at the same time.
The User accepts on his own behalf, that UniTravel can suspend the connection at any point, for the time necessary for the abovementioned operations, and recognizes that UniTravel cannot in any way, be asked to answer to the User or third party during any eventual suspension and/or interruption of the system.

8. Applicable law

The present contract as well as the use of the present site are subject to the current regulations stipulated in Italy, the country where UniTravel has its registered offices and where the company is operated from, notably where the CCV in Brussels 23 April 1970 ratified Legislation 1084 dated 27th December, 1977 in Italy Title III, Chapter I, Section II “distant contracts” from the Legislative Decree 6th September, 2005 no.206 (Consumer Code of practice).
The User accepts the exclusive jurisdiction of the Judicial Italian law for the resolution of any dispute related to this policy (including, but not limited to, those relating to its validity, application, interpretation, execution).
In the event of a dispute arising in any way from this document it will be of exclusive jurisdiction of the Judicial Authority of the Courts of Venice.
This agreement is drawn up in the Italian language. Should it be translated into any other language, this is done solely for the greater convenience of the other party. In the event of any disputes or conflicts regarding its interpretation, the version drawn up in the Italian language shall prevail to all legal effects.

9. General Conditions

In the case of any of the conditions made invalid or not applicable, due to current regulations, limited but including the exclusion of obligations and limitations of responsibility that they precede, will be substituted by valid and applicable conditions that reflect as near to the original document as possible in reference to current regulations to date.

The present conditions and the clauses written down in the Limitations of responsibility, do not prejudice the applications stated by the imperative norms and the rights, which cannot be excluded or limited under Italian legislation and without prejudice to the rights of the consumer.

General reservation conditions

1. The business model

UniTravel is one of the most important international hotel reservation providers that operates online throughout a network of internet sites that head to .
Trough its business network UniTravel has numerous affiliated properties in the most beautiful cities of Italy, Europe and Worldwide, properties that range from 1 to 5 star luxury to budget hotels, in order to offer its customers an easy, fast and secure way to book autonomously and at their most convenient way a hotel in the desired destination.
Hotel managers guarantee this, using the system developed by UniTravel to manage rates, availability, and other selling conditions.
The properties contracted directly by UniTravel require that the payment is made directly to the hotel normally at the time of stay unless otherwise provided for (non-cancellable and non-refundable special offers, last minute deals, etc.).
To enrich the offer of facilities on the network UniTravel has agreements in partnership with operators providing to UniTravel their contracted properties. Some hotels offered on the network UniTravel are in fact offered by Travelscape LLC IAN.com LP.
Some properties offered by UniTravel by Travelscape LLC or LP IAN.com require payment of the full cost of the stay upon confirmation of booking, while others require that the payment is made directly to the hotel normally unless otherwise provided. These hotels are also subject to the general terms and conditions applied by Travelscape LLC and IAN.com. In cases where the structure require prepayment of the entire amount of the stay the collection is made on behalf of UniTravel by Travelscape LLC ..
In all cases UniTravel offers to users of its Network prices for hotels without adding increased costs of commissions nor fees for the use of the system. The UNITRAVEL service is completely free. Booking via the UniTravel Network you will have access to the same prices that you would find on others website because many hotels apply the principle of parity rates and conditions of sale to the End User. UniTravel earnings are paid by the hotels and do not fall on users like management costs that the hotel claims for the conduct of its business (eg. Costs for the realization of its website, staff costs etc.).

2. Conditions to use the Reservation service

The present document defines the conditions specified by UniTravel to use the network and reservation service, which is available on all sites and web portals linked to the UniTravel network. Navigation, the use of the system and the use of other services offered by the UniTravel network and its sites, should be recognized and accepted by the User the present conditions specified.

3. Type of reservation service

Through the UniTravel network and additional sites and web portals which form part of the network, the User will be able to use the accommodation service supplied directly from the hotel partner and the property through the UniTravel network. Price and availability as well as further sale conditions (including but not limited to, the cancellation and penalties policy) are managed by the supplier whose accommodation has been requested.

4. Parts of the Contract related to services required and bookings through the network

UniTravel acts as a quality intermediary between the User and the supplier under the signed International Convention in Brussels (CCV) 23 April 1970, pursuant with Italian Legislation n.1084 on 27th December 1977. On the User’s part of the booking service through the accommodation services booked over the internet via the reservation system are directly supplied by the booked property, As a consequence, agreement are created between the User and the supplier.
The sales information of the said reservation made over the internet by the Users, includes but is not limited to the tariff, facilities available and the property, are handled by the hotel of which is then responsible for the data entered both by UniTravel and the User.
Through the UniTravel network the User and Property affiliate can be directly put into contact with each other.
UniTravel does not in any way supply the services and has no possible intervention and/or control of the information made available for sales purposes.

5. Reservation and payment. Use of credit card data.

Through the system developed by UniTravel the network users can carry out searches for the available resort and search criteria chosen by the User.
The results are shown in real time and only those available properties who inserted availability for the period chosen by the user, viewing each type with the respective sales conditions, price of stay (value expressed in the currency of that country) less that of tax, breakfast, penalties, ways and methods of payment.
The price agreed of the purchased service must be paid by the User to the reserved property following the way indicated for every type of individual reservation.
Payment is generally made at the end of the stay in the property and paid to the respective property, because of this, the system will require a credit card number as a guarantee for the reservation, and will be forwarded onto the management of the property for pre-authorisation, should a cancellation be made and it is necessary to debit appropriate fees.
In some cases, relating to particular offers and purchase conditions, the property can request a deposit for the whole stay, which may not be refundable, even in particular favourable conditions (i.e. advanced bookings).
In other cases the amount of the whole stay will be charged by UniTravel on the credit card at the moment of reservation.
For some hotels and properties and in general for some tourist services, the amount of the whole stay and service will be charged by UniTravel at the moment of reservation.
For all of the hypotheses described above, the system clearly states the terms and conditions of payment relating to each individual reservation.
Once the User has found a suitable choice for his requirements, all details must be inserted into the respective fields as well as credit card details to guarantee the reservation or to enable the advance charging of the selected service.
UniTravel accepts no responsibility for the eventual abuse or wrongful use of the User’s credit card, which is completely out of UniTravel control.
UniTravel uses a very advanced technological system to protect the security of the data, which is entered into the network and through the server and adopts a discipline on all rights relating to data protection in accordance with current regulations (UniTravel Privacy Policy).
By pushing the botton “book” after entering the data, the reservation process will be completed. Any data missing relating to credit card payment will impede the reservation process. Furthermore, for the services that require an advanced purchase, the successful conclusion of booking is subordinated to the successful conclusion of the credit card transition.
Once all data has been put into the system and the reservation is ready for completion the “Book” key can be pressed, and providing all information has been entered correctly, the User is able to see the confirmation of the booking, together with a confirmation code and a User ID and Password for further access. Only at this point the User can see that the reservation is now valid. In addition, confirmation will be sent to the User by email together with purchase conditions, cancellation terms and penalties and all data to manage the reservation.

6. Changes, cancellation and penalties

The reservation made over the internet can only be modified or cancelled by the User through the system with respect to the current terms and conditions specified in the system relating to each individual booking. Such terms and conditions are specified by the individual property and therefore it is out of UniTravel control.
For changes to the reservation the User must contact the UniTravel helpdesk on +39 041 8620400 or by sending an email to customer.service@unitravel.com. The service is available during office hours between 09.00 and 18.00, Monday to Friday. All changes and cancellations can be seen by view in the “Manage your booking” section. It is here that the booking through UniTravel can be seen by inserting the User ID and Password.
In the case of information being lost, the system automatically consents the User to enter the new credentials.

7. UniTravel Obligations

The sales information relating to the reservation made over the network comes directly from the supplier and therefore UniTravel is not liable for any insertions made by them. UniTravel therefore, is not responsible for the accuracy and precision of the information provided and thus is protected by the laws applicable.
The accommodation proposed and the service made over the network corresponds to the offer provided by the individual supplier that has presented itself through the network. The individual supplier consequently takes exclusive responsibility for the information supplied to the User for the actual offer.
UniTravel does not guarantee that the actual services offered by the supplier and the reservation made via the network correspond with the requested requirements of the User at the moment of booking.
UniTravel on request will supply all necessary information to identify the service supplier. In conformity with CCV agreed by Legislation 1084, 27th December, 1977, UniTravel as a quality intermediary provider does not undertake in any way obligations from its suppliers of individual products and/or reservations made over the network by its Users. In addition, under the laws quoted, regarding total default or partial travel, stay or other associated services that are subject to contract between the User and the relative service supplier.
UniTravel is therefore responsible under the laws stated above exclusively of the non-compliance of the obligations it is in charge of. The purchase made by the User over the network is directly considered conclusive and binding with the supplier whose service has been bought, even any contrary clause, to the clauses stated in the Brussels Convention (CCV) dated 23 April 1970, ratifying Italy with the Legislation no.1084 27 December 1977.
The sales conditions of the property will be expressively indicated first by the reservation made and the reservation confirmed by the system with the same assigned number. UniTravel therefore takes no responsibility once the contracts become conclusive.
UniTravel reserves the right to make periodic maintenance and updates to the reservation system, during which the internet connection will remain suspended and /or interrupted not allowing the service to be utilised at that time. The User must accept that UniTravel can suspend the connection necessary to carry out the abovementioned operations and recognise that UniTravel shall not be contacted during such operations of eventual suspension and/or interruption of the system both by the User or third party.

8. Hotels web pages

The hotel web pages displayed on the UniTravel network are built by UniTravel, using text, images and photographs supplied directly by the hotels and by the affiliate properties. It is responsibility of the hotel chain and/or individual property to ensure the accuracy of the photographs and other materials displayed.
UniTravel takes no responsibility for the information (texts or graphics), the documents or the material supplied from the hotels and the partner properties listed on the network. UniTravel cannot be held responsible for any damages or reimbursements for any of the abovementioned information supplied by the partner properties.

9. Exclusion of Return and Refund Policy

Following article 55 comma 1, letter b) of the Consumption Code, the right of return forseen for the user in case of contracts or contractual purposes negotiated out of commercial offices (art. 64 and following) is not applicable to contracts of services purchase related to accommodation when completing the contract, and takes in charge of supplying the relate service to a specific time or period. Therefore the User cannot return the service booked, except for what is foreseen by the cancellation policy.

10. Complaints

For any eventual complaints the User shall send a registered letter addressed to UniTravel Srl, Via Brunacci 9/b, 30175 Venice or by sending a fax to the following number +39 041 8620433.

11. Assistance

UniTravel can always be contacted via the helpdesk by telephoning +39 041 8620400 or by sending an email to help@unitravel.com. The service is available from Monday to Friday from 09.00-18.00.

12. Feedback

Once the booking has been made through the UniTravel system, the User has the possibility to insert and send feedback about their experience in using the UniTravel system and the quality and characteristics of the property booked through the UniTravel network.
Sharing the experience is not obligatory, it is subject to the limits specified in the present document only if the User decides to take part in the feedback option regarding the property where the stay was made.
Once the User decides to forward feedback information he must carry out the following:
- personally enter details of his stay in the mentioned property;
- not to write anything offensive;
- not to write anything that could be seen as racist, fanatical, hatred and with words of a violent nature that could be directed at a group or an individual;
- not to insert contents of any type of advertisements;
- not to insert words that could be seen as offensive or libel;
- not to insert false information, misleading or to be precise illegal intentions or abusive conduct, threatening or obscene.
The list of unlawful wrongful behavior is considered merely examples and are not limited and UniTravel reserves the right to modify at any time the contents listed above, to its better judgment, therefore to carry out assessments and to seek expert legal advice with regards to such violations, inclusively, but merely examples, the removal of offensive expressions and the violation of the site.
By giving feedback to UniTravel the User, cannot revoke what has been sent and UniTravel is able to freely use the feedback, copy, publicize, translate and distribute in whatever manner and whatever way, including publicity campaigns and promotions to third parties without having further approval from the User.
By inserting a feedback the User raises UniTravel from any legal action connected from violations deriving from the insertion of a feedback published by UniTravel.
UniTravel does not check the contents of the feedback sent by the User, therefore is not responsible for what has been published by the User. UniTravel reserves the right to not publish or to cancel the feedback contents, to its discretion, without notice to the User.
Procedure of signalling or removing a User Feedback:
Anyone should feel damaged from a user feedback or should consider the content of a feedback illegal or libelous can give notice sending a fax to UniTravel Srl at number +39 0418620433.

13. Applicable law

The present contract as well as the use of the present site are subject to the current regulations stipulated in Italy, the country where UniTravel has its registered offices and where the company is operated from, notably where the CCV in Brussels 23 April 1970 ratified Legislation 1084 dated 27th December, 1977 to made available in Italy Title III, Chapter I, Section II “distance contracts” from the Legislative Decree 6th September, 2005 no.206 (Consumer Code of practice). The present document regarding Terms and Conditions has been inserted in the site on October 15, 2013.
The User accepts the exclusive jurisdiction of the Judicial Italian law for the resolution of any dispute related to this policy (including, but not limited to, those relating to its validity, application, interpretation, execution).
In the event of a dispute arising in any way from this policy it will be of exclusive jurisdiction of the Judicial Authority of the Courts of Venice.
This agreement is drawn up in the Italian language. Should it be translated into any other language, this is done solely for the greater convenience of the other party. In the event of any disputes or conflicts regarding its interpretation, the version drawn up in the Italian language shall prevail to all legal effects.

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